Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze

Elevate Your Holiday Baked Goods with Powdered Sugar Icing. Looking for a deliciously sweet addition to your Christmas cookie recipe? How about drizzling powdered sugar icing over your favorite cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, scones, biscottis, and other baked treats? Try it out and add an extra layer of flavor to your holiday goodies!

Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze
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Prepare a simple yet delicious frosting with only three ingredients: powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a small quantity of milk. For those preferring dairy-free alternatives, coconut or almond milk can be a great substitute. Additionally, for a tangy twist, try incorporating a small amount of orange juice into the mix.

Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze
Effortlessly Decorate Pastries and Desserts with this Powdered Sugar Icing Recipe.
 Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate your pastries or desserts? You're in luck! This powdered sugar icing recipe can be whipped up in minutes using ingredients that are most likely already in your pantry or refrigerator. Add some gel food coloring to the icing, drizzle it over your holiday cookies, cakes, or donuts, and finish it off with some sprinkles for an extra touch of sweetness.

Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze

Ingredients in Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze

Confectioners' Sugar - Also called powdered sugar

Pure Vanilla Extract - I use Pure Vanilla Extract...extracts without any additional ingredients have a longer shelf life. Imitation Vanilla is made using imitation ingredients that often contain chemicals.

Milk You can use either milk, half-n-half, or heavy cream to make powdered sugar icing. Since milk is the thinnest, you will need a bit less than you would if using heavy cream. For non-dairy...coconut milk, almond milk, or orange juice can be used.

Powdered Sugar Icing/Glaze

Simple to Make Icing/Glaze

Three ingredients...that's it!

  • In a medium bowl mix powdered sugar and milk, and extract until combined.

  • For a thinner consistency add 1 teaspoon at a time of milk to icing.

  • For a thicker consistency add more powdered sugar.

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Powdered Sugar Icing

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