Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies with White Chocolate Chips, moist, chewy... add Cream Cheese Frosting and it takes the cookie to a whole new level of YUM!

Best of all it's a cake mix cookie, and only requires 4 ingredients! and bakes in less than 15 minutes.

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

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Delicious Red Velvet Cookies: Perfect for Snacks and Family Gatherings. If you're a fan of red velvet cake, you'll adore these simple-to-make cookies that are essentially red velvet cake in a cookie form. The cookies are soft, tender, and excellent for snacking, family get-togethers, and more!

For years, I stubbornly refused to try cake mix cookies, convinced they would never match the scrumptiousness of classic homemade treats. I took a chance and dove right in, and boy, was I blown away! These cookies are out-of-this-world yummy. Bet you wouldn't even know they came from a mix if I sneakily slid one your way.

Why This Recipe Works 

  • 4 ingredients and ONE bowl for this recipe!

  • Cookie dough can be shaped into logs and frozen for future baking

  • Quick and easy to make...just 15-16 minutes from start to finish.

Ingredients For This Recipe:

  • Red Velvet cake mix

  • Butter - melted (vegetable oil can replace butter)

  • Eggs - large eggs

  • Chocolate Chips - white chocolate is used for this recipe, but any type of chocolate chip can be used.

  • Optional - buttercream frosting or cream cheese frosting are both great choices for these cookies.

How to Make This Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

  • In a large bowl, add melted butter, cake mix, and eggs, and until well combined. Add chocolate chips to the dough and stir well.

Red Velvet Cookie Dough

Scoop by rounded tablespoons onto a lightly greased cookie sheet or parchment-lined baking sheet.

Red Velvet cookie dough on baking sheet

Bake 10-11 minutes until edges are just set and tops have begun to crack.

Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

How do I Store Cake Mix Cookies

  • Store in an airtight container for up to 7 days

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