Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas

Indulge in a Summery Delight with Chocolate-Covered Bananas! 

Satisfy your sweet tooth this summer with a delicious treat that's both refreshing and decadent. Start with ripe bananas, freeze them to perfection, and then dip them into a luxurious dark chocolate bath. The result? A crunchy outer layer with a delightfully creamy texture inside that will transport your taste buds to cloud nine.
Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas on baking sheet


Treat your taste buds to a sensational summer dessert that's both scrumptious and healthy! These chocolate-dipped frozen bananas are a potassium and antioxidant powerhouse and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. I still remember my first bite of this creamy delicacy, with crunchy nuts for that extra oomph. It was at Disneyland, and it was love at first taste! Whip up a batch of these easy-to-make delights, and indulge in a guilt-free treat that will keep you fuller for longer.

The Invention of Frozen Bananas and Their Timeless Appeal 

During the 1940s, frozen bananas were first created on Balboa Island in California. Although there is some uncertainty over who initially dipped bananas in chocolate and coated them with nuts, it was an ingenious concept that became widely popular across the United States. The best part? You don't have to go far to enjoy them! These delectable treats are simple and fun to make at home and are a hit with both adults and children alike. They make for the perfect snack any time of day, be it a birthday party or a casual afternoon.

peeled bananas on baking sheet

How to Freeze Bananas:

  • Peel bananas and slice in half or leave whole  

  • Insert a Popsicle stick into the center of the banana pieces 

  •  Lay bananas on a foiled-lined baking sheet or parchment paper. 

  • Freeze bananas for 1 hour or until hard.

Here's how to make Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas: 

  •  In a microwave-safe mug, add chocolate chips and shortening (or oil). Microwave for 1 minute. If needed, microwave in 30-second increments to prevent burning. Stir until smooth. 

  • Dip each frozen banana piece into the melted chocolate. Allow excess chocolate to drip off. 

  • While the chocolate is still soft, apply your desired toppings. 

  • Place the chocolate-covered bananas back onto a sheet of parchment paper and freeze them for another hour.

  •  Serve right away or store in an air-tight container or freezer bag.

Choosing the Perfect Toppings for Your Frozen Chocolate Bananas 

While you can eat these frozen chocolate bananas as is, they're even better with toppings. The possibilities are endless – feel free to use any topping you can imagine to make your chocolate-covered bananas extra special.

Frozen chocolate covered bananas

These are my favorite toppings:

  • Sprinkles - Sprinkles, or nonpareils are perfect 

  • Sugar - Sprinkle decorating sugar (colored sugar)

  • Chopped Nuts - Pecans, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios

  • Coconut - Coconut flakes

  • Cereal - Fruity pebbles, Grape-nut cereal,  granola, or any favorite cereal.

  • Candy - Finely chopped candy bars 


  • Add food coloring to  white chocolate for holidays like Halloween, or Valentine's Day

  • Slice the banana in 2-inch slices for chocolate cover bites

How Long Does Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas Last?

Indulge in these chocolate-covered bananas on the day they're made for optimal taste. Alternatively, store them in the freezer for up to three days. However, beyond that time, their flavor may begin to deteriorate. So, enjoy these delectable chocolate-covered banana treats within a few days!
Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas

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